Nomad in Transit

Nomad in Transit is about change, transition and thoughts on dealing with the ever changing environment that is life.

I coined the term “Nomad in Transit” when I was living in Toronto, ON, Canada, on a 3-year job posting. We always seemed to be going somewhere or waiting for the next step. My husband’s job takes him to many places and I spent 2 months of my maternity leave in Los Angeles and then less than a year later, we packed up our lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and shipped the content of our apartment to embark on a new leg of our journey. We spent three amazing years in Toronto, home to as many people as our native Denmark.

It is a great experience to live in another country and see “how the other half lives”. In my humble opinion, everybody should try it to learn different ways of doing things and also to learn more about themselves and put their native country into both perspective and context.

Going away is exciting, friends and family are equally excited … the first 6-12 weeks you are gone. It takes much effort to keep in touch – which I highly recommend for anyone planning to return to their starting point – and it takes much energy and effort to get settled in a new place – which you need to invest in order to fully enjoy your new life. Being a transplant for three years, you get involved, meet new people and have wonderful experiences in your new environment. I realized at some point that we were always in waiting, just like when waiting for your next connection in the transit hall at any given airport.

The only thing that remains constant is CHANGE – everything changes and we are always on the move. It may be your job, it may be the location, your relationship, where you live, but times are a-changing constantly and we change within them. Sometimes we don’t really notice because the changes are small, at other times is a huge change: new home, new baby, new school, new job.

Embracing change makes my life richer and more interesting. And I try to take on the challenge of change with a positive perspective:

When one door closes, another one opens … and sometimes you are stuck between the doors and may resort to kicking in those doors to create the change you need.

Join me on my journey. Hope you enjoy the ride!




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