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Time a scarce commodity – also for the traveller

Making the most of your trip also applies to travelling and vacation time. Much emphasis is placed on travelling efficiently : check-in online, fast track through security, travel light to avoid checking in your bags and thus avoid the wait alongside what seems to endless conveyor belts moving the same not claimed pieces of luggage forever.

Planning ahead, making bookings and reservations for restaurants, attractions, amusement parks. Some parks even offer fast track. Instead of waiting in line to get in, buy a ticket, get in line for a ride and go – the signs at the entrance will inform you of the wait time – you spend your time in line for your reservations, rushing to get in line to get fast track tickets and then checking the time to make sure to make your fast track slot time, and finally you are in line with the other fast trackers to access the ride.

I wonder whether this desire for efficiency leaves room for enjoyment or new experience? Travelling to stand in line and rush – pretty much like your day job – instead of taking in new impressions and having the pleasure of unexpected encounters and discoveries.

In line for a Royal Wecome

In line for a Royal Wecome, Frozen Fest, Disneyland Paris July 2015